Post 3: CYO Lifeproof Review and Wear Test

Review: I thought it was only fitting to do a post on my favourite foundation.  I’ve been wearing this a lot since CYO was introduced to Boots Chemists.  When they first came out, I bought this, No Shine Zone Matte Foundation and When the Sun Don’t Shine Bronzing Powder in Fair.  I loved all 3 … Continue reading Post 3: CYO Lifeproof Review and Wear Test

Post 2: Skincare Post Roaccutane

Throughout taking Roaccutane the sensitivity of my skin meant I had to strip back and minimalise my skincare.  My skin type changed from very oily to very dry and my skincare regime adjusted to reflect this.  Now post Roaccutane my skin has returned somewhat to my pre-Roaccutane skin type and I would define it as … Continue reading Post 2: Skincare Post Roaccutane

Post 1: Top 5 Revolution (Family) Products

I’ve used Revolution products, or Makeup Revolution I can’t help but still call it since around 6 months after it was created.  My sister and I have both been fans and I can remember putting a huge order in for their first-year anniversary/ birthday which had a huge discount site wide. I love loads of … Continue reading Post 1: Top 5 Revolution (Family) Products