Post 1: Top 5 Revolution (Family) Products

I’ve used Revolution products, or Makeup Revolution I can’t help but still call it since around 6 months after it was created.  My sister and I have both been fans and I can remember putting a huge order in for their first-year anniversary/ birthday which had a huge discount site wide.

I love loads of the Revolution products but there are 5 that I think are worth their weight in gold and I would use almost daily and re-purchase; if I haven’t already.  I can’t remember how we came to know about their products (my sister will probably remind me) but I can remember at the beginning feeling like we had discovered our own wee treasure and telling anyone who would listen about it. Initially their dupe products were what appealed to me the most (on a student income).  My Iconic 3 palette (Urban Decay Naked 3 dupe) is still a firm favourite.

Iconic 3 Palette

Anyway, my top 5 favourite products I would recommend and shout from the rooftops are;

  1. Freedom Makeup London Brows Duo Eyebrow Powder- Dark Brown.  This product is the reason why I’ve included family in the title.  This is the only product not Revolution but Freedom which is under the umbrella of Revolution.  This product could possibly be my favourite makeup product ever.  I checked my order history and I ordered this on 3rd January 2018 along with the Brow Pomade.  I’ve used both, but I absolutely love the powder.  Before I would have typically used pomades all the time such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills or Colourpop and I would still use these for a glam look or something more carved however the I use this daily for my everyday brows.  It is so easy to use and blend.  Any harshness can be mellowed easy without muddying and they are nicely pigmented.  I’ve only recently reached pan on mine a year later.  I couldn’t recommend this product more.
  • 2. Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer -Shades C1, C2, C3.  This is probably their most famous product.  Again, I ordered mine in January 2018 an I’m currently using the supersize in shade C1.  There’s been a lot of comparison to Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, which I’ve had only once, however I don’t agree.  Shape Tape is a phenomenal concealer but too expensive in the UK.  The Revolution concealer has never reacted different with any powders/foundations/skin care.  It bakes lovely and its not drying.  I was able to use this on my oily skin and then my dry skin while on medication no probably bearing in mind the types of skin care and foundations, I was wearing underneath were vastly different during these times. I think this is a great concealer for someone who wears makeup everyday and one that I will probably always have in my drawers.
Ultra Bronze
  • Revolution Ultra Bronze- this is a product I’ve repurchased.  Firstly, I love bronzers and generally wear lots of it every day.  This is one you can apply without powdering your face first if that’s not your thing. In the pictures below, I applied the bronzer without powdering over the CYO LifeProof foundation which I have a blog post coming soon for. This bronzer also looks lovely and blended on top of powder too.  It has never turned muddy or went on anyway but smoothly. The colour suits me when I have no fake tan on and am my natural irish pale as well as when I am layered in fake tan.  It has a nice natural tone.  and is definitely a staple bronzer for me.
Ultra Bronze without powdering in the sunlight. No editing at all
Awesome Metal Foils in Rose Gold and Platinum
  • Revolution Awesome Metals Eye Foils- Shades Rose Gold and Platinum.  These are products I’ve had for a while and which aren’t available anymore. Revolution has re formulated them and they are called Flawless Foils.  They are claimed to be a better formula however I absolutely love the original, so I’ll have to try that out.  I apply these with my finger only and will wear them shear on their own for an all over sparkle or more concentrated for more impact.  I do not like how these apply with a brush and I never find myself use the solution that comes with them.  They are more foily than glittery as their name states so when I want to I will layer glitter over the top. I currently trying out the Revolution glitters.  You don’t need glitter glue if the glitter is applied when the foil is fresh.  These are my go to sparkle eye which will guarantee compliments on my eye shadow every time.
Awesome Foils in Rose Gold and Platinum
Iconic Fever
  • Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Re-Loaded – I love the Re-Loaded palettes and I think they are amazing for the price.  I have Iconic Fever and Iconic Vitality.  These eyeshadows blend great.  They maybe aren’t as good as my Makeup Geek or Anastasia Beverly Hills individuals, but I wouldn’t expect them to be when considering their price.  The colours are well put together with a good mix of shimmer and matte.  I recently bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette which the Iconic Vitality palette seems to be modelled on.  I love both palettes and wouldn’t say one was better than the other because of the price difference.  These palettes are definitely my number one recommendation to family and friends when they are looking to buy makeup or experiment but don’t want to spend a fortune of money.
Iconic Vitality

Overall I love the Revolution brand on a whole. I have definitely had some misses from them but they have also created some amazing products. I love that the brand keeps creating and they don’t seem to be afraid to attempt anything. They release products constantly and seem to be a brand that listens to feedback both negative and positive. Ultimately what I love is that due to their low price point and easy availability, their massive diverse range of products means its easier than ever for people everywhere to experiment and play with makeup which to me is what its all about.

Amie xx

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