Post 3: CYO Lifeproof Review and Wear Test


I thought it was only fitting to do a post on my favourite foundation.  I’ve been wearing this a lot since CYO was introduced to Boots Chemists.  When they first came out, I bought this, No Shine Zone Matte Foundation and When the Sun Don’t Shine Bronzing Powder in Fair.  I loved all 3 products, but I specifically want to give this foundation a shout out of its own.  I’ve worn this foundation especially since my skin has cleared.  The coverage is medium but layers lovely to become full coverage.  It leaves a natural finish on your face.  For me this means it covers my pigmentation from acne scarring but doesn’t look heavy.  I wear this as a daytime foundation.  If I was going a bit more glam with my makeup, I wouldn’t necessarily pick this foundation, but it would still look lovely.  I find this foundation lasts 8 hours comfortably for me.  If powdered and with a fixing spray I could get 12 hours before I notice wearing.

In terms of skin type, I have worn this foundation when my skin was very oily, very dry and now when it’s relatively normal. I would say the finish is natural. It’s not matte and it’s not dewy. It doesn’t need to be set and therefore would suit anyone with dry skin. It also has never looked cakey when I have powdered it when I needed to with my oily skin and therefore I would say that oily skin types can wear this too. It’s likely with oily skin you would need to be prepared to blot and powder at some stage in the day as it isn’t a matte foundation and oils will probably start showing through. I have never had any problems with the finish when adding powder on top throughout the day. With my current normal skin type, I don’t normally powder as I like the natural finish.

There are two main downsides to this foundation. The first being when it starts wearing it doesn’t look great; especially the darker shades.  Secondly the shade range is very difficult to distinguish, and most Boots stores only carry 4 or 5 shades.  I’ve had this foundation in shades 101,103 and 107.  I have finished shade 101 but swatches of 103 and 107 are below. 

I liked shade 101 and it was a great shade for me when I was pale and without tan.  It is definitely pale enough for the lightest shade in the range.  I am not a big fan however of wearing pale foundations as I think personally I look washed out.  I tend to wear shade 103 which works well as long as I bronze my neck and chest or have some tan still on. Shade 107 I wear when I have fake tan on, but I won’t be repurchasing.  I am not a fan of the undertone which I prefer to be more yellow when I am wearing fake tan.  I intend on trying shade 109 next.

Overall, I think this foundation is great. It doesn’t look cakey, i’ts buildable but begins with great coverage. It looks lovely and natural and it’s the foundation my skin would get the most compliments for. 

Finally, a big reason I love this foundation is it can be topped up in the evening. This may freak some people out but if this foundation was applied in the morning, it can be topped up later that evening without turning cakey.  In reality if I am going out for dinner or something in the evening especially weekdays, I’m not ever going to completely remove and reapply my makeup.  This foundation when layered hours later still looks lovely and natural.  Sometimes there needs to be a foundation that you can rely on to always look natural for them unexpected or unplanned evenings.

Wear Test

I applied the foundation at 1.30pm and wore it to 10pm when I took my last pictures. I haven’t edited any of this pictures ( I don’t know how to anyway and if I had I would have got rid of that mustache- I’ve definitely made a note to myself to get rid of that pronto). They were taken with my iphone 7 which appears to have some kind of filter built in to it for very close pictures. I’m need to be more organised and use my camera. Also apologies for the moody pictures – I had no idea I looked this grumpy naturally. The picture below of my natural skin doesn’t seem to show too well but I have quite a red face at all times. Between acne scarring and pigmentation my face always appears red and stands out from the rest of my body. Something that use to bother me but doesn’t anymore. I have a skin update planned so I’ll post that soon.

CYO Foundation review- no foundation

First, I applied one layer of foundation to show the coverage it has.

CYO Foundation – One Layer

Next, I applied a second thin layer of foundation. You definitely need a lot less product what was used for the initial layer.

CYO Foundation – Two Layers of foundation, concealer and brows
CYO Foundation – completed makeup in sunlight
CYO Foundation – makeup finished in natural light

I did not powder my face and I haven’t used a setting spray. I wanted to show how long the foundation lasts without these. As you can see in both lights, my skin looks smooth and natural.

Now for the wear test, the following pictures have been taken 8 1/2 hours later. I spent the day with my 4 year old nephew who does a lot of jumping on me and generally ends up with most of my foundation on his clothes but overall the foundation held up well and I think looked great.

The above two pictures where taken using the regular light from my bathroom whereas the earlier pictures where in my bedroom. I did not touch up my makeup at all except to reapply my lipstick for this picture. In general the foundation is intact and still looks well. Except for my eye makeup, which I’ll have a post coming about soon, I wouldn’t feel the need to top up this makeup if I were to go somewhere which I am happy with. Generally, this is how my skin and make up would look following a regular work day if I have taken the time to apply it properly in the morning. I would be happy to rely on this if I had something on after work.

Overall, I think this is a gem of a foundation. I personally find it’s my most reliable in my collection and therefore the one I would use the most. If I need something long lasting or one that I know I may need to top up 8-10 hours later and still look natural then this is hands down the foundation I will choose. However in terms of wearing a foundation in the evening for something glam, which only has to last a few hours, then this wouldn’t necessarily be what I would choose. This is definitely a foundation I have no problem recommending to anyone.