Welcome! My name is Amie.  I have wanted to set up a blog for years now.  Mainly to chat about all things beauty and put my long held obsession about makeup to good use.  I’m from Ireland and I work full time practicing law (solicitor/lawyer/attorney -wherever you call it where ever you are in the world) and have created this blog on a day where the pressure and stress of my job has pushed me to have a re-think about my life and what makes me happy ( sounds pretty deep/cheesy but unfortunately true).  As vain as it is, makeup and beauty is what I enjoy,  in general it makes me happy.   I should say I am 25 and my obsession for makeup started more than 10 years ago from, what I thought was, a necessity to find the latest and best makeup to cover my problematic skin.  Skip forward 10 years and I still have the same struggle. Don’t get me wrong there’s been times when my skin has been good, great and also terrible, currently I would say we’re not in a good or great phase but haven’t quite reached terrible yet.

Makeup is something I wear every day without fail.  I know that may seem excessive to some however it’s just the way it is for me.  I wear makeup to work as I deal with the public and as I appear younger than my 25, I find wearing makeup balances out the issue of age at times with clients.  However,even days when I have no one to see and am going nowhere (like today) I still find myself wearing a full face.  These are the days when I have time to sit and play with my collection. To hoke around in my drawers and wear the makeup that doesn’t get used daily.  To challenge myself to try new things and not care if I mess up as no one is going to see it (like today where I went for a coral/pink all over matte eye using KarruchexColourpop eyeshadow palette and added in a dark purple small wing liner using the Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics palette).

The point being, in case I haven’t said it a million times already, I love makeup.  I love glam makeup, I love natural, I love editorial, I love drag.  Whatever way its put together, I’m a fan.  I want to share my obsession in the hope that by having a blog I can use it as justification to continue my obsession for a little while longer.  So anyway here goes…

P.S. I have a 4 month old Yorkshire Terrier/ Lhasa Apso mix pup called Penny who may pop up here and there while I’m trying to figure out this pup parenting thing.

Teresa and Amie White