Penny first groom

So this is Penny. I can guarantee to you this is the tidiest she has ever looked.  Penny is 5 months old and is an absolute rascal.  Before Penny arrived, I had harped on and on about wanting another pup as our previous dog, the legendary Jack Russell Bill had passed away about 3 years ago at the grand old age of 18.  As I live at home, my parents had reluctantly agreed that after my sister Sarah’s wedding at the end of January the search would be on for a pup.  Anyway lo and behold, a few days before Christmas, there’s a knock on the door and in arrives the bundle of joy and mischief that is Penny.

Penny arrival

What you can’t see from the above photo is that I was an emotional wreck at this stage.  Penny however came right in and was prancing on the table and licking my face straight away.  We called her Penny as the colour of her belly reminded my mum of a toffee penny (a result of too many quality street but it was Christmas after all).  She was fearless then and she is fearless now.  And so my journey of being a pup parent began.

James and Penny

Above is a picture of my 3 year old nephew and love of my life James with the rascal herself.  It’s been challenging at times with Penny around James but on the whole the two get along well. James, God love him calls himself her brother and single handedly taught her how to sit (with the help of some puppy behaviour classes that Penny smashed if I do say so myself).

Penny’s 1st Birthday